About Miraan Rai

Miraan Rai, a young coder, is nothing less than a child prodigy. He has developed 8 android applications and 1 iOS application, all of which are backed with his strong command over coding and serve the purpose of fulfilling his vision. Out of these 8 extra-ordinary apps, Go Kings and Braille are the most popular ones so far. This child coder is way ahead of others of his age and boasts far-fetched thinking when it comes to programming. He has a strong hold over various programming languages including HTML, Java, XML, Python, C , C++,CSS and Swift. Go Kings is an application that enables you to practice carpools with utmost ease and fosters environment friendliness. This app has also been developed with an aim to help parents grappling to balance both their personal and professional lives. Another app by Miraan that has gained praiseworthy recognition is Braille, which was developed while keeping in mind the problems encountered due to reduced or impaired vision. ‘Braille’ provides tests on multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction for the visually impaired people and aids in the improvement of their mathematical aptitude. Once opened, the app gives out step by step instructions as to what is to be done through audio and therefore, needs no reading or typing from the user. With already 8,960 views and about 400 downloads, Miraan hopes that this app will make a difference to the blind and visually impaired across all age groups. Despite having a very strong app developing background Miraan is also proficient when it comes to robotics. A few of his projects being the AM Dustbin, a self-moving toy car and a LED controller. Miraan uses languages such as C and C++ to create these projects using the Arduino chip. Apart from numerous personal achievements as a coder, Miraan has won many awards at his school, Kings Al Barsha Dubai, including ‘Best Coder of the Year’. He has also participated in the Lego League in the year 2018 and represented his school in the secondary Lego League team in 2019-20, despite his young age, owing to his exceptional coding talent. For Miraan, coding is his primary language of expression, and aspires to use it to become a successful coder in the future.