AM Innomates


AM Innomates, an everyday automation startup co-founded by Miraan Rai, is endowed with a vision to simplify day-to-day life through its innovative and useful inventions. We aim to use our vast knowledge of robotics, along with an in-depth understanding of the nuances of daily life, to explore new possibilities and develop practical solutions. We aspire to become the region's leading provider for everyday robotics-based wonders and make hefty procedures convenient with advanced and competitive Artificial Intelligence.

Our Story

About a year ago, Miraan Rai went to TEMZ (new-age entrepreneur Arjit Nanda’s company) to enhance his knowledge of coding from them. During this one year, Miraan and Arjit established friendly contacts, and the former started doing classes with Arjit. It was then when they came together and developed tons of cool inventions such as the AM Dustbin (Automatic Dustbin) owing to their strong creative and technological instincts. Eventually, the duo realized that these products could successfully be sold in the market to make lives simpler. Their mutual aim to cater to the needs of the automation industry and vast knowledge in the field is what led to the formation of AM Innomates.