used MIT App Inventor to make Android apps. MIT App inventor is an online platform that allows people to build functional apps for smartphones and tablets. I have made 19 applications on the MIT App Inventor but I have only uploaded 7 onto Google Play. On the MIT App inventor Gallery I have an application called Location with 90 downloads and another application called Roll A Dice with 60 downloads. In total all my applications have 400 downloads.


This is an educational game that quizzes you in math. It has division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. It gives practice and tests.


Be an artist and explore the wonderful world of colors. If you would like to create a circle then just lightly touch the screen. To change the width of anything, drag your finger across the slider. Most importantly, enjoy!


change your background color to a random color by shaking your phone. Have fun seeing all the cool random colors


This game shows and says exactly where you are. You can view areas, attractions and restaurants that are nearby.


You can use this application to play games like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders to Roll a Dice. You can also flip a coin with this application.


You can calculate anything, even 100000000000000000 x 672845356425646367752 - it will give you the exact answer.

Braille: For Visually-Impaired People

This application, something that I have developed after spending much time with my aging grandparents who had problems with their vision, provides tests on multiplication, addition, division and subtraction to the visually impaired and thereby helps in improving their mathematical abilities. Once you open the app on your phone, the phone speaks out exactly what needs to be done step by step and therefore, needs no reading or typing on the part of the user. With already 8,960 views and downloads, I hope this app will help blind and visually impaired people across all age groups.