Go Kings: United we go

Go Kings helps you set up safe, convenient, and time-effective carpools for all age groups, across the UAE. This application helps organize and even schedule carpools with families and people whom you know and trust. Besides booking hassle-free carpool rides, Go Kings has various other functions as well. The app offers easy and secure carpools, the routes for which are optimized and updated every time to ensure fast pick up and drop. Get timely notifications regarding your rides and make use of the in-app chats feature to ensure everyone remains coordinated throughout the trip.

Go Kings is developed by a young coder Miraan Rai to enable trouble-free carpools, especially for school-going children and their parents who confront innumerable problems while commuting. The app also addresses environmental concerns as it limits vehicle usage and encourages traveling in groups rather than going solo. Carpools help curb pollution, and the Go Kings app fosters just that! Simply put, Go Kings is a non-profitable app made to bring communities together via carpools and to help those who have lost their jobs. So, have an interview to give? Or want to catch up with your friends? Or is it time to drop your kids off at school? Don’t worry, Go Kings got you covered! .