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Music video coming up Illusion Soft’s Honey Select may be a niche title sitting in the backwoods of the internet’s belly, but it’s a lovely piece of software that has been utilized by various modders to recreate some of the most popular female icons in gaming history… including super-hottie Mai Shiranui from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series. I just found out the model editor is very powerful. Screenshots (Click to enlarge) The latest highly-customizable sex simulator by Japanese developer Illusion. Maps, weapons, torture instruments and other tools are on Discord. Forum Tools Mark This Forum Read. I charge upfront. Posted by Dredsina on Tumblr, each style is a variation on a formal white shirt, black skirt, black shoes and hosiery (the 70s look skips the pantyhose). exeをIPA. The initial steps are not much different from loli design either. HoneySelect mod – Epic-Chan shirt. No game or story elements at all. This mod adds alternative interface for posing a character with IK including some cool features. I'm currently working on HoneySelect Character Mods and PlayHome Chara Mods. >> [ILLUSION] Honey♥Select - DLC - Add-Ons - IPA - WideSlider - BoneMod - VRBT种子创建于2017-06-08 16:05:23,文件总大小16. In the new version, bone editing is done by node operation. See here why. if you want to start modding Honey Select using Unity (aka the best way imo):. View Parent Forum. For PC on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Recommend me more games like Honey Select" - Page 3. 8 in original game (or with Wide Slider), and then you specify the scale 0. I'll show sources to mods and their downloads. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Why use Patreon instead of just doing mods for free? I intend to use this まっ、Boneの名前も場所もワカラン素人さんには使い辛いかもやが、数値を極端に変動させれば視覚的に見えるんやさかい Honey Select MOD (HF) AS-Honey Select Mods She's beautiful. Repacks marathon complete. That is porting heads from other games into HoneySelect and PlayHome. Experiment for the other bones because I haven't done those yet. Do NOT ask for things to be added because it won't happen. You may not use this mod for paid mods. tumblr. 1 – High Heels for Honey Select ハイヒールMODを使用可能にします。 Like the title says, I got Honey Select and the old hiloli thread spoke of some fabled loli mod, but I've been digging and can't find shit :/ Anyone here know where to snag this treat? Honey Select FAQ v0. Credits: Model: PlatinumGames; Porting to SFM: DevilsCry; Porting to HS: Me [Direct Download] Honey Select is a 2016 game created by Illusion. P. exe should work at this point. txt file generated by the [ Additional Bone Modifier (possible nsfw link)] mod for the game Honey Select ( don't  Oct 19, 2018 BonesFramework is a plugin that allows modders to add new bones to clothes at runtime. HSUS : various optimisations and quality of life improvement for HS (and its Koikatsu version, KKUS). Also many mods have readme's in them if there is a specific way they need to be installed. 3 update 05/21) [HGame] Koikatu! BetterRepack R6 (27. SkinTexMod HS v2. Today a gave you some link for download. They touched something special in that game, while disturbing, it had a proper plot, and slow evolution of events, and the animations were good, even a gang bang in the end. Scale/Rotate/Move almost any bone in the body. The Bone structure has changed. I don't know why but for the past year or so I've just wanted to buy chainmail armor and run around the house and pretend I'm a crusader; I plan to use actual chainmail, not that butted aluminum bullshit they sell in most places. com PlayHome What is a torrent and magnet link? Torrent info Your customizable and curated collection of the best in trusted news plus coverage of sports, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health and lifestyle, combined with Outlook/Hotmail, Facebook 色変え可能な4種類のスクリーンアイテムmodです。 あくまで自分用に作ったもので、人によっては需要は無いかもだけど、単色背景でよく撮る人なんかにはいいかもしれない。 hsって略称多くないでしょうか?ということで知ってるものを独自に調べて上げてます。細かいことは書いてないですので、必ず、各自の場所にて詳細の確認をお願いします長いですので続きからで pH板(playClub&HoneySelect画像掲示板)は、playClubやHoneySelectなどのIllusion製ゲームについて、SSを貼ったり雑談をしたり技術的な相談をしたりできる掲示板です。利用規約:みんなの掲示版です。なかよく使ってね! mod初心者なので、もうひとつ質問させてください お風呂セットと アイフォンを同時に表示させようとすると、 それ以降、スタジオでアイテムがなんにも表示されなくなってしまうんですが、 なにか他のmodが影響してるんでしょうか・・? これでIPA導入は完了(元のファイルは要バックアップ><したほうがいい・・追加ディスクやアプデきたら、modのせいでデータおじゃんっていうのはザラなので) あとは、 HS Studio Addon Plugin と shortcutHS もハニセレフォルダに、ぶちこむ!(これで安心して熟睡 これでIPA導入は完了(元のファイルは要バックアップ><したほうがいい・・追加ディスクやアプデきたら、modのせいでデータおじゃんっていうのはザラなので) あとは、 HS Studio Addon Plugin と shortcutHS もハニセレフォルダに、ぶちこむ!(これで安心して熟睡 2016年6月17日に公開されたHoneySelect キャラメイク の新機能を紹介しますキャラメイクはイリュージョンさんのHPでダウンロードできます So, for example, for the headless top, find the head bone, which is p_cf_head_bone (easy shortcut is clicking Face in the shortcuts menu). 3a Download Change or Overlay skin textures of each character at runtime Press J in CH Maker. What face textures are you using? Pages 1 Bone adjustment mod, it works alongside the built-in adjuster, this just gives you more bone options. 9). All was needed is to copy and paste the name file into the APPDATA main screen not in character file and the other in the list/character custom fil. For example, if you set a bone scale to 0. To fix that we are going to download Eusth’s virtual reality mod from here: Virtual Reality Mod. ハニセレ、スタジオアイテムMOD一部紹介. 72 (0. Create a free video channel no ads. You are free to use this mod for your followers and npc mods. FogEditor : allows the user to control the fog more precisely in HS Neo. I think that is one of reason Roy12 have to import bones of those DOA5 characters. for the dress you m Honey select card characters, scene and utility Yeah Honey select is a total joke. Just a fuck simulator. 2019) [HGame] Sexy Beach - Curved and Straight hair extension https://mega. So, if you like what we do and want to help us out, make an exception by turning off AdBlock for our website. Noobie Guide To Starting Out Honey Select. 1 – High Heels for Honey Select ハイヒールMODを使用可能にします。 Tutorial honey select unlimited how install wider slider ipa and how install a map RE:MakotoYuki90 Use the Japanese version that is more up-to-date especially all the mods are compatible 1. Shota Design in Honey Select Submitted by flatsims on 2017-06-02 20:05 Designing a shota in Honey Select is possible. wordpress. com Honey Select HoneySelect pornolab. HS Active Bones FeamaleはAdditionalBoneModifierで調整できるボーンの長さを調整する機能を持った外部ツールです。 AdditionalBoneModifierをインストールすると、キャラカードファイルごとに「ファイル名. R18 Skyrim x MMD dance mod スカイリム ダンス by zvzs gaming video. HoneySelect mods are not usable in PlayHome, that includes Character mods. Features. 0(直リン)Wide Slider 0. This is a 16GB torrent of Honey♥Select with DLC and mods such as uncensoring and English translation! You can create your own characters and scenes with full support for VR! Credit to Joe at ATF for his original work. (self. Read More. com PlayHome What is a torrent and magnet link? Torrent info 8chan /v/ - Video Games - Honey Select. 2019) Honey Select - Mods Pack 01 [HGame] Custom AI-Droid [HS] Wide Slider (slider limit change v0. Become a Redditor. net HoneySelect pornolab. Make sure you hit load for it to generate a TXT file, if you're not generating one it's not working. My mods are pretty amateur but since I've used mods from various modders I've decided to make and share a few of them myself. 4. here can you find scene, dress, and characters. 01. Gore is mostly photoshopped, but there is some "corpse" mod on Discord, which adds some body parts and gore. Saves the location you loaded a . The configuration of this mod applied onto the original configuration. Contribute to Keelhauled/HSPlugins development by creating an account on GitHub. - Added Anime Mode, supports both female/male. I'll have to get facial working on the doa version first before import my TMC, plus I might can reproduce this method with the body maybe, because for Asura it will be weird just the face with his unique texture. 3. 9 in this mod, the result scale will be 0. com/honey-select-boneslider-ui/ Oct 19, 2018 Honey Select by V, released 19 October 2018 I'm not much of a score take a naughty pose then have my way with you Installed the mods, VR set on my prone bone, I hear you moan as we endlessly screw Thank god I got  Feb 11, 2017 tutorial honey select how to add a mod for user by MakotoYuki90 If you need a characters i think must know how make a bone on 3d program . Have a good weekend, boys and girls. I’ve had a few people speak to me about the first armor pack, so I’m happy to answer their request for another. Attention this site contain adult material. Moving/Rotating several objects at the same time. 5e(無修正MOD)に最適化された4Kクオリティのバンプマップを使用し、cf_t_body_00は4kクオリティのスキンセットを使用しているなど、スペックも Ads support the website by covering server and domain costs. exe at least once to activate the mods. × 2. - Autoload not supported for LOAD SCENE/IMPORT SCENE under studio(you can press J to engage the autoload after), Character Maker. Music video coming up with shota's in action. I have left it up because its fairly popular and it would just get re uploaded anyways. The Honey Select Unlimited Fakku release MOD THREAD. thing is actual chainmail can go up to 700-800 bucks, if I want to get titanium, that would go for almost 2000 dollars. We're just a group of gamers here, like you, doing what we love to do: playing video games and bringing y'all niche goodness. 3. GOG-Chan’s shirt as seen on the interwebs! Now you too can make your very own GOG-Chan. I've enabled charge up front! Hi! I'm TQW and I'll be producing clothing mods for Honey select. This application allows you to edit the *. 4 Q: Why do I have different looking skin? A: Because of a skin mod, See the card tags and check the comments on the card for what skin mod was used. HoneySelect Character&Scene Data シーン・キャラカードについて / About Scene&Character card 改編・再配布自由 これらのデータは素材です。 2ちゃんのハニーセレクト SS/MOD晒しスレPart2にMODが投稿されていました。Additional Bone Modifier v0. nz/#!gg92iDQR!KbYCDgoqV8_0zsGIS7jP3UC4WkRotdGBeSyfaQEvD4g Make sure you're running HoneySelect_64_Patched. please keep in mind this is a temporary solution until (if) the mod creator updates the mod. 6 - Added Autoload, auto laods last skin used, Reset removes the Autoload. The one draw back of the model editor is that it is designed to create Asian faces and it's very hard to create western facial structure. txt」というテキストファイルが作られます。 機能系MOD(通常タイプ) IPA(illusion Plugin Archtecture) [Patch] Honey Select Wide Slider(hongfire. Posted on 31 May, 2019 Leave a comment Posted in Armor, Colorable, Honey Select, Outfit This was a fairly time consuming port, but I’ve been wanting to do another armor release for a while. I’ve made nine repacks in just one day. it should be in game custom on accessories. 3: rename Honey Select Unlimited_64 to HoneySelect_64 4: rename Honey Select Unlimited_64_Data to HoneySelect_64_Data 5: the HoneySelect_64_WideSliderPatch. HoneyselectでPluginの使用を可能にします。 インストール方法 StudioNEO_64. modを導入することでできることがとてつもなく広がり、すると今度は先人方が作ったmodだけでは物足りなくなり、あれがあったらいいなこれがあったらいいなとどんどん欲は広がっていき…。 illusionから発売中の18禁ゲーム、ハニーセレクトのプレイ日記です。エロスな内容が多分に含まれるため、18歳未満は閲覧しないでください。 资源中心的资源价格已修复,现已开放积分购买,会员仍无需要积分购买。主题区的下载链接仍在修复中。。。请耐心等待 Bone command has been improved. Along with the mod, it comes with a program that’s pretty important for modding the game called IPA. bonemod. 8. 6. 1 - High Heels for Honey Select [HGame] PlayHome BetterRepack R1 (26. exeにドラッグ&ドロップして下さい。 MoreSlotID 衣装IDの桁数を6桁から9桁に拡張します。 GG Mod 1. Mainly new here but did get the Zeaska's wings mod to work and Elins ears and tails to work in game. v1. It features native support for virtual reality headsets. Align - You can align the parent and child bones straight, or align along the X / Y / Z axis. THIS MOD IS DEAD I have stopped working on this mod. Honey Select - Mods Pack 02 [HGame] Honey Select Ultimate Repack [HS] [MODS] GGmod 1. 04. This will help you organize and manage bone settings. com) [Patch] Honey Select Wide Slider(ppH板) [Clothing] GGmod - High Heels for Honey Select [Utilities] Honey Select Additional Bone Modifier(hongfire. The window is re sizable, and the sliders will adjust themselves to a longer width. so I really hope the modding community will start using it. 3D美少女アダルトゲーム「ハニーセレクト」で作ったSSを貼ったり、髪型MODやキャラデータの配布などをしてます。 R-18 HoneySelect HSPE bone collider test ハニーセレクト by zvzs gaming video. 2019) [HGame] Sexy Beach reinstall the MF or EMF multiple times, there's pastebin with both the IPA plugin alone, so you can try multiple versions of the bones modifier. Please do not reupload and repost my mods without my permission. 1: Made all of her parts use MoreSlotID to avoid conflicts; Initial version. It’s basically used to update the game files to make sure HSPE: a mod that improves posing for Honey Select (and its Koikatsu version, KKPE). HoneySelect mod – GOG Shirt. I created Helena from scratch without using the imported bone and it's working very well as long as you have the required hairstyle and costume. Does anyone know if it's legit? and does it mess up fp3? https://aeriussoftware. o/ I was really nervous about the cape Amazing tutorial! That clearly gave me intention to try it. net MinUnity3D HoneySelect Party Mods & Add-on HoneySelect pastebin. 最近、水面をやっていた関係でお風呂とか~色々な他者様のMODをボログの画像で使っていましたよねぇツイッターで一度聞かれた露天風呂もその一つでして~その画像がこちら~これは現在ASで配布されていまして、サイトに登録をし、ログインした上 First Annual Keeping The Dream Alive Edition Previous thread: >>773789 This general is for sharing the links to Honey Select, discussing how much your waifu is superior to other waifus, and whining that the game doesn't fucking WORK GODDAMNIT ILLUSION. - Separated prepackaged Skins into Addons for quick fixes to Main mod files. com) [Utilities] Honey Select Additional Bone Modifier(ppH板) [Utilities] SkinTexMod HS Intended to co-work with Wide Slider mod. And, the compatibility with FBX/PMD is improved. Allows you to enable or disable (True/False) a bone with a simple checkbox. 1(直リン)いずれもこれから必須になりそうなMOD Alright. Anyway, have fun with it modders! BonesFramework, · honey select, · hs,. この4KテクスチャMODはプレイホームのデータを部分的に流用して逆移植しているようですが、cf_m_baseは8kクオリティのspecularを使用しているほか、SBX2. Check out our mods to make this great game even better or request a new one for your pleasure. and join one of thousands of communities. I had the same problem, installed at least 3 different plugins and IPA さて、何度も取り上げているAdditional Bone Modifierですが今のところGUI(操作画面)が存在しなく、試行錯誤がめんどくさいく分かりづらいという欠点があります。そこで、プレイクラブの頃から使っていたAdjust Mod This pretty much. I'm bored of Honey Select and moving on. Yeah Honey select is a total joke. IMO they will never beat rapelay. Please read the frequently asked questions page. Here is how you take a female character and make them male so they are smaller (which is not possible to height adjust males in the game). 4. Games - Porn Video Playlist on Pornhub. i forget which mod does the copy/paste transform though. boneselect. Here is a small preview of the UI: Features. If you look at the way the file structure of the mod is after you extract it all you have to do is follow that same file structure in your HoneySelect directory so the mod basically tells you where to put it. com. Before any payment, please make sure you really want and think about it thoroughly after reading the following, I won't take time to While the newer versions of Honey Select come with virtual reality features, they’re often seen by the community as subpar at best. HoneySelect) submitted 2 years ago (it also affects the head), just scale bone length to make neck Honey Select Mods; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the our friendly community. HPSE can change the size of every bone, so you know what to do. Base game shirt with the Epic logo I made for HoneySelect. I had the same problem, installed at least 3 different plugins and IPA and had to reinstall the EMF mod then MF mod just to get it to work. Designing a shota in Honey Select is possible. A quickie on Bonemods from the HF/AS forums. Download links: MEGA. What does this mod do? Scale/Rotate/Move almost any bone in the body. Mods for HoneySelect or HoneySelect Unlimited and Extend DLC. pastebin. S. 必ず利用規約をご確認いただき、同意の上でご利用ください。 同意されない場合は、誠に申し訳ありませんが、サービスの提供を続行することができませんので速やかに操作を中止してください。 if you have the bone of what you want it to attach to, say, second joint on ring finger, select that bone, copy transform, then after the item spawn you paste transform. for the dress you m Honey select card characters, scene and utility Zeaska's clothing, high heels mod and the wideslider mod, to name the most important ones. The problem with imported bones is that the model editor does not recognize them so you can not edit them. Discord (Unofficial) Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Basically you can create any characters without importing bones. 8 * 0. The original and the best POV mod for Honey Select improved and updated for the latest version. What others are saying Image via dredsina. Exciting! 3: rename Honey Select Unlimited_64 to HoneySelect_64 4: rename Honey Select Unlimited_64_Data to HoneySelect_64_Data 5: the HoneySelect_64_WideSliderPatch. 05. Enjoy. Use the slider on the right accordingly if it is moving too fast/rotating too slowly. 3 (Last updated on 8-26-2017) This can have some reasons but most likely the character was created with a bone mod or face mod installed. Make sure you're running HoneySelect_64_Patched. Avoid making mirrors when the links they have are mega or available already and be sure to give credit. exe and it will prompt you for which version to patch. Converting the hair to other games requires permissions from the original creators of the hairstyle. This hentai sex collection created by BeastlyBone contains Games videos. However, the true strength lies in the Advanced Mode which is basically FK on steroids. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Wide Slider is very important; if you don't have the mod the character's will end up looking like disfigured abominations once loaded, or so I hear. In an hscene the selected chara is the one that is closest to the cameratarget when pressing the button. Blood is skintex and some Discord blood splash mods. Limbs symmetry. >Move and rotate the bone using the X Y and Z buttons. com Came across this cute timeline of silhouettes by decade, from the 1920s on. Intended to co-work with Wide Slider mod. 1. 2: Added bones for BonesFramework to pose with HSPE or customize with ABM. In Watch free hd movies fast, fastest video updates, latest. The world of movies, films, videos for everyone. 2019) [HGame] Emotion Creators BetterRepack R2 (08. Search for: Recent Posts [HS] Julia Chang [HS] Sex Idol [HS] Anna Williams さて、何度も取り上げているAdditional Bone Modifierですが今のところGUI(操作画面)が存在しなく、試行錯誤がめんどくさいく分かりづらいという欠点があります。そこで、プレイクラブの頃から使っていたAdjust Mod Extract it to your Honey Select folder, click on the . If you have issues. I have moved on to bigger and better things. [u このMODは、LRE使用を考慮して作っていません。 なので、当然ですが、意図した表示にはならないです。 LREを使わないか、改造ツールで目的のマテリアルの編集をして色を変えるかして下さい。-Automatic translation-This MOD is not made considering use of LRE. Allows you to edit a bone’s X, Y and Z Scale, as well as the bone length. She's beautiful. 作品で使ったシーンやmodも配布しています。 \"色変え可能な4種類のスクリーンアイテムMODです。 あくまで自分用に作ったもので、人によっては需要は無いかもだけど、単色背景でよく撮る人なんかにはいいかもしれない。 pastebin. It's pretty much irreversible short of reinstalling the game, but most mods use MoreSlotID now anyway, including roy12's newer character and costume mods. txt file so it opens the same folder next time. 08 GB,共包含2407个文件,被下载2228次,下载速度极快,Btbit提供[ILLUSION] Honey♥Select - DLC - Add-Ons - IPA - WideSlider - BoneMod - VR的磁力链接下载与迅雷链接下载。 ハニーセレクト HoneySelect プレイ日記. bone mod honeyselect

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