About Me

Miraan Rai, keen coder and owner of tech-startup AM Innomates, was invited to participate in UAE's biggest youth innovation event, Gitex Youth Unipreneur, held in Dubai in October 2022. Miraan won (4th position) and a cash prize in "The Next Fantastic 50 Competition” where he was competing against 49 other school children from the UAE by pitching a product that he had developed - the AM Kard. His latest product - AM Kard - is also being promoted by DubaiNEXT, the first official governmental online crowdfunding platform for startups in the UAE. Till date, he has developed 8 android applications and 1 iOS application. Of these, the apps School Pool and Braille have been highly lauded. School Pool is an application that enables school going children to practice carpools with utmost ease and at the same time, fosters environment friendliness. This app has also been developed with the intent to help parents grappling to balance their personal and professional lives problems encountered due to reduced or impaired vision. Braille provides tests on multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction for the visually impaired and aids in the improvement of their mathematical aptitude. With approximately 9000 views and 400 downloads, Miraan hopes that this app will make a difference to the blind and visually impaired across all age groups.

Miraan is also the proud co-owner of a start-up, AM Innomates, which is endowed with a vision to simplify day-to-day life through its innovative and useful inventions. Here he aims to use his vast knowledge of robotics, along with an in- depth understanding of the nuances of daily life, to explore new possibilities and develop practical solutions. Their first product - AM Dustbin – is a smart combination of automatic and manual controls to lift the lid of the bin and enables contact-free waste disposal. The bin detects motion and opens and closes its lid automatically. The AM Dustbin is already garnering substantial press internationally.

This child coder is way ahead of others at his age and boasts far-fetched thinking when it comes to programming. He has a strong hold over various programming languages including HTML, Java, XML, Python, C, C++,CSS and Swift. Apart from numerous personal achievements as a coder, Miraan has won many awards at his school, Kings’ Al Barsha Dubai, including ‘Best Coder of the Year’.